Grammarly Flaws: Subject-Verb Agreement

Grammarly Sometimes Makes Mistakes with Subject-Verb Agreement   This is the first article in what will be an ongoing series of articles about mistakes that the computerized self-proofreading tool Grammarly makes. Grammarly is a great tool that catches many mistakes that Microsoft Word's built-in spell-checker misses. I use Grammarly when proofreading documents for my clients… Continue reading Grammarly Flaws: Subject-Verb Agreement

“Continually” or “Continuously?”

Should I Use "Continually" or "Continuously?"   Some people use the words continually and continuously interchangeably, but the two words have slightly different meanings. Compare the two sentences below: “It has been raining continually this summer.” “It has been raining continuously this summer.” The first of these two sentences, which uses continually, means that it… Continue reading “Continually” or “Continuously?”

Ambiguous “More Than” Phrases

How to Avoid Ambiguous "More Than" Phrases   Consider the following sentence: Jasmine likes Haley more than Margaret. What does this sentence mean? Does Jasmine like Haley more than Jasmine likes Margaret, or does Jasmine like Haley more that Margaret likes Haley? The way this sentence has been written, the answer is not clear. Because… Continue reading Ambiguous “More Than” Phrases