Lack of Parallelism

Identifying and Fixing Sentences that Lack Parallelism   When does a sentence lack parallelism?   A sentence lacks parallelism when terms within a list in a sentence do not share a form. For example, the list in the following sentence lacks parallelism: “This task requires patience, focus, and working together.” This sentence lacks parallelism because… Continue reading Lack of Parallelism

Grammatical Functions: Adjuncts

Adjuncts   So far in this series, all the predicates that have been discussed have been types of complements, but there are also predicates that are not complements. These are known as adjuncts.   Adjuncts vs. complements   Adjuncts are like complements in that both exist within phrases outside of the subject and verb positions.… Continue reading Grammatical Functions: Adjuncts

Grammatical Functions: Complement Clauses

Complement Clauses   What is a complement clause?   In some sentences, the complement is not a single word or short phrase but is rather an entire clause. Such complements are referred to as complement clauses. Complement clauses can be thought of as a complement which does not fit into any of the other complement… Continue reading Grammatical Functions: Complement Clauses