Grammarly Flaws: Capitalization

Grammarly Does not Always Notice When a Letter is in the Wrong Case

Often — alarmingly often, in fact — Grammarly does not know when an uppercase letter has been used where a lowercase one should have been used or vice-versa. This is one of the more crucial flaws with Grammary, as letters in the wrong case easily strike readers as incorrect and can make a writer look bad.

I typed the following “sentence” (if you can call it that) into Grammarly, and Grammarly did not identify any errors whatsoever:

it was Eleven o’Clock.

This is quite a big Grammarly flaw, indeed, as only one word — was — was analyzed correctly in this terribly-written sentence.

This is also one of the rare cases in which Microsoft Word’s built-in spell checker performs better than Grammarly. (Word at least identified the capital “C’ in o’Clock as a mistake.)

The sentence should have been written as follows:

It was eleven o’clock.

Jake Magnum, author of the Magnum Proofreading Tips blog, is dedicated to helping writers perfect their work. In addition to giving free advice on his blog, Jake helps writers by offering very affordable proofreading services at


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