Grammarly Flaws: Poor Word Choice

Grammarly Sometimes Suggests Word Changes that Make No Sense

I have mentioned in a previous article (Grammarly Flaws: Subject-Verb Agreement), that I like to use Grammarly to perform a final check for errors that I and Microsoft Word’s spellchecker may have missed while proofreading a document (e.g., double-spaces between words). I was using this tool to finish proofreading a book for a client recently. The main characters of the book were a group of widows, but — for some reason — Grammarly really, really wanted them to be windows.

Many times, I had to ignore Grammarly’s suggestions to make changes such as the following:
Grammarly Flaws - Poor Word Choices
Such suggestions are clearly wrong and, for native English speakers, are nothing more than a nuisance. However, Grammarly may trick non-native English speakers whose English vocabulary is not great into changing a correct word into an incorrect word.

So, be careful when taking Grammarly’s suggestions to change words which apparently don’t fit the context. I’d just hate to see anyone become a window after losing their husband.

Jake Magnum, author of the Magnum Proofreading Tips blog, is dedicated to helping writers perfect their work. In addition to giving free advice on his blog, Jake helps writers by offering very affordable proofreading services at

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