Ambiguous “More Than” Phrases

How to Avoid Ambiguous "More Than" Phrases   Consider the following sentence: Jasmine likes Haley more than Margaret. What does this sentence mean? Does Jasmine like Haley more than Jasmine likes Margaret, or does Jasmine like Haley more that Margaret likes Haley? The way this sentence has been written, the answer is not clear. Because… Continue reading Ambiguous “More Than” Phrases

Lack of Parallelism

Identifying and Fixing Sentences that Lack Parallelism   When does a sentence lack parallelism?   A sentence lacks parallelism when terms within a list in a sentence do not share a form. For example, the list in the following sentence lacks parallelism: “This task requires patience, focus, and working together.” This sentence lacks parallelism because… Continue reading Lack of Parallelism