Grammatical Functions: Adjuncts

Adjuncts   So far in this series, all the predicates that have been discussed have been types of complements, but there are also predicates that are not complements. These are known as adjuncts.   Adjuncts vs. complements   Adjuncts are like complements in that both exist within phrases outside of the subject and verb positions.… Continue reading Grammatical Functions: Adjuncts

Grammatical Functions: Complement Clauses

Complement Clauses   What is a complement clause?   In some sentences, the complement is not a single word or short phrase but is rather an entire clause. Such complements are referred to as complement clauses. Complement clauses can be thought of as a complement which does not fit into any of the other complement… Continue reading Grammatical Functions: Complement Clauses

Grammatical Functions: Prepositional Phrase Complements

Prepositional Phrase Complements   When is a prepositional phrase a complement?   A prepositional phrase is considered a complement when it is closely linked to the main verb of a sentence. Sometimes, a verb needs to be followed by a prepositional phrase to make complete sense. For instance, if I say "I had," it makes… Continue reading Grammatical Functions: Prepositional Phrase Complements

Grammatical Functions: Predicative Complements

Predicative Complements   What is a predicative complement?   A predicative complement completes the meaning of a sentence by giving information about a noun. Predicative complements follow linking verbs -- verbs which do not denote an action but rather connect a noun to information about the noun. Most commonly, linking verbs are forms of be… Continue reading Grammatical Functions: Predicative Complements

Grammatical Functions: Predicates

Predicates of Sentences   This short article in the Grammatical Functions series introduces the predicate. Subsequent articles in this series will discuss different kinds of predicates in detail.   What is a predicate?   Perhaps the best definition of a predicate is that a predicate is everything in a sentence that is not the subject.… Continue reading Grammatical Functions: Predicates