Grammatical Functions: Prepositional Phrase Complements

Prepositional Phrase Complements   When is a prepositional phrase a complement?   A prepositional phrase is considered a complement when it is closely linked to the main verb of a sentence. Sometimes, a verb needs to be followed by a prepositional phrase to make complete sense. For instance, if I say "I had," it makes… Continue reading Grammatical Functions: Prepositional Phrase Complements

Grammatical Functions: Predicative Complements

Predicative Complements   What is a predicative complement?   A predicative complement completes the meaning of a sentence by giving information about a noun. Predicative complements follow linking verbs -- verbs which do not denote an action but rather connect a noun to information about the noun. Most commonly, linking verbs are forms of be… Continue reading Grammatical Functions: Predicative Complements

Grammatical Functions: Predicates

Predicates of Sentences   This short article in the Grammatical Functions series introduces the predicate. Subsequent articles in this series will discuss different kinds of predicates in detail.   What is a predicate?   Perhaps the best definition of a predicate is that a predicate is everything in a sentence that is not the subject.… Continue reading Grammatical Functions: Predicates